Podcast: Season One

Season One
1  Automating Issuer Services  31:51
Are investment banks ready to see one of the last bastions of fat margins give way to margin-reducing automation? In its inaugural episode, Rob sits down with DirectMarkets CEO Kevin Lupowitz to discuss how his firm plans to simplify follow-on issuings and other tasks for corporate issuers by launching its new electronic communications platform that links issuers directly to institutional investors and eliminates the typical investment banking fees from the process.
2  Community-Driven Innovation in the Capital Market  34:04
Innovation may provide each firm with a competitive advantage, but it also can be a rising tide that lifts all boats. For financial-messaging cooperative SWIFT, the answer is the latter. In Episode 2, Rob and Kosta Peric, the head of Innotribe at SWIFT, discuss the ongoing SWIFT initiatives designed to introduce various industry-wide innovations to the financial industry from creating a financial app stores to highlighting promising financial-tech startups to SWIFT members.
3  Girding for Changes Under Dodd-Frank  25:07
In the St. Patrick’s Day episode of the Daly Post Podcast, Rob sits down with Tabb Group principal and director of fixed-income research Kevin McPartland to discuss how dealers and the buy-side can prepare their trading infrastructures for a post-Dodd-Frank market while waiting for regulators to write the final rules.
4  The Future of SaaS in Capital Markets  45:56
Thanks to increasing regulations and shrinking IT budgets, discussions about the software-as-a-service (SaaS) delivery model has gone from whether to adopt it to finding the best way to adopt it. In this episode, Feargal O’Sullivan, global head of alliances at NYSE Technologies lends his insights on how open source, collaboration and new industry standards will improve SaaS use within the industry.
5  Ending the Black Box’s Reign  33:48
As financial regulators demand to examine a firm’s data integrity in finer fashion these days, open-sourced software is gaining a major advantage over closed proprietary solutions. This is one of the many topics that we discuss with Kirk Wylie, CEO and CTO of open-sourced risk analytics vendor OpenGamma in this episode.
6  The State of the Art in Low Latency  40:21
Is the industry about to hit the “Wall of Physics” in low-latency performance? How fast is fast enough for those not practicing latency arbitrage? What are the basic latency questions all clients should ask of their vendors? These are but of a few questions the Daly Post Podcast discusses with Hyannis Port Research CEO and low-latency veteran technologist Tony Amicangioli.
7  Are You Ready to Use Legal Entity Identifiers?  34:24
The US Commodity Futures Trading Commission (CFTC) expects financial services firms to regulatory reporting using legal entity identifiers (LEIs) in mid-July. Likewise, the European Financial Stability Board (FSB) hopes to receive the necessary blessing from the G20 for its efforts in June. To discuss industry preparedness, The Daly Post Podcast sits down with Graeme Austin, founder and CEO of FS Benchmarks, a consultancy that specializes in research and operations benchmarking. Austin is also the CEO of International Securities Association for Trade Communications Europe (ISITC Europe).
8  Social Media & Investment Banking  32:45
Can one of the most regulated industries leverage the benefits of social media? In this episode Rob poses this question, and more, to High Frequency Trading Review’s Mike O’Hara, Let’s Talk FX’s Jon Vollemaere and MoneyScience’s Jacob Bettany who share their personal experiences running their respective social media sites for high frequency traders, forex traders as well as quants and academics.
 A Peek Into the CFTC’s Technology Advisory Committee  25:41
Formed just prior to the May 6, 2010 flash crash, the Commodity Futures Trading Commission’s Technology Advisory Committee is tasked to keep the CFTC Up to speed on the latest technologies affecting the market it regulates. in this episode, Rob speaks with Progress CTO John Bates about his experience as a committee member.
10  Checking Out of the Hedge Fund Hotel  26:56
Most new hedge funds rather spend time readying their trading strategies for production than setting up their IT infrastructure. With the continued growth of hosted IT offerings, rolling out the necessary infrastructure has never been faster. In this episode, Rob discusses this trend with Chris Grandi, a founder and managing director at Abacus Group LLC, and how hedge funds can avoid common pitfalls in implementing these deployments.
11  Wall Street Fiction  32:39
 In this episode Rob interviews author and former Turquoise chief executive Eli Lederman on his first novel, High Finance. Set in a fictitious investment bank, the story follows 10 days in the life of exotics derivatives trader Jerry Klein on the eve of the 2008 credit crisis as Klein becomes one of the firm’s newest minted managing directors. How much truth can be told in fiction? Listen to the podcast to find out.

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