Getting the Blockchain Blues

I spent the first part of this week attending CoinDesk’s Consensus 2016 blockchain conference in Midtown Manhattan.

It was a great event with good content and a huge audience. However, now I’m having a post-blockchain crash. (It’s like the crash after a sugar high, but more forgiving on the teeth and waistline.)


“No más! No más!”

Yes, blockchain will change how the financial industry shares information. Yes, it will offer more transparency into the markets for the regulators and possibly for the participants. Yes, it improve the middle- and back-office’s efficiency.

It will do all that cool stuff in the next two to three (five?) years. But in the meantime there a few thing questions I’m sure that everyone would liked answered sooner than later.

  • What topics, besides blockchain’s architecture, should firms address when dealing with blockchain?
  • When should the legal and operations departments get involved in the blockchain discussion?
  • Who are the leading vendors that are the de facto standards for the technology?
  • Which banks and hedge funds own or have an interest in these startups?
  • Where are the best places to poach talent?
  • How much will these experts demand in terms of salary?

But enough of the sugar, let’s get to some fiber.