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Bitcoins! Bitcoins! Bitcoins!

Kicking of the second season of The Daly Post Podcast, I sit down with Wall Street Bitcoin Alliance executive director Ron Quaranta and discuss what institutional investors, broker-dealers, exchanges and vendors need to do to take part in the ever-growing Bitcoin market. Although these cryptocurrencies have strong libertarian, over-the-counter, and retail roots, Quaranta sees the markets maturing…

High Finance, a Wall Street Fiction

In this episode of the Daly Post Podcast, Rob interviews author and former Turquoise chief executive Eli Lederman on his first novel, High Finance. Set in a fictitious investment bank, the story follows 10 days in the life of exotics derivatives trader Jerry Klein on the eve of the 2008 credit crisis as Klein becomes…

Checking Out of the Hedge Fund Hotel

Most new hedge funds rather spend time readying their trading strategies for production than setting up their IT infrastructure. With the continued growth of hosted IT offerings, rolling out the necessary infrastructure has never been faster. In this latest Daly Post Podcast episode, Rob discusses this trend with Chris Grandi, a founder and managing director…

A Peek Into the CFTC’s Technology Advisory Committee

Social Media & Investment Banking

Can one of the most regulated industries truly leverage the benefits of social media? In this latest podcast  Rob poses this question, and more, to HFT Review’s Mike O’Hara, Let’s Talk FX’s Jon Vollemaere and MoneyScience’s Jacob Bettany who share their personal experiences running their respective social media sites for high frequency traders, forex traders as well as quants and academics.