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Seeding the Front-Office Clouds

Two phrases that never seem to go together are “high performance” and “hosted cloud computing,” but two-year old startup Lucera looks to change the industry’s mind with its aptly named Compute offering. Most marquee cloud providers typically focus on driving down computing costs through server consolidation, explained Jacob Loveless, CEO of Lucera. “It’s very cheap in…

BATS Announces London-based Hotspot

Since completing its acquisition of Hotspot institutional foreign-exchange (FX) market earlier this month, BATS Global Markets officials have not let the grass grow under their feet. The global exchange operator plans to deploy an instance of its Hotspot matching engine in its Slough facilities later this year. “We plan to move swiftly with this project…

Tweaking FPGAs for Better Trading

Electronifie Joins Electronic Fixed-Income Fray

Brokers, Synchronize Your Watches